Infused water, detox water or flavored drinking water. With the Smartbottle, power comes into the bottle.


Flavor your healthy drinking water and mix it individually without straining your body with unnecessary sugar and calories - what's better? The Smartbottle is equipped with a filter, which you can fill with vitamin-rich fruits, crunchy vegetables and fresh herbs. In addition, our QR-Code leads you to a map that will show you the nearest drinking fountains all over the world. With our international map, you can fill your Smartbottle with the quality drinking water from fountains all over the world. You stay fit and healthy.


The Smartbottle with the Zurich-Design is for the Zurich-fan or the tourist. The Clear version without the skyline of Zurich is intended for the urban insider.


As an owner of the Smartbottle you are never without your favorite water. As a tourist, you always have your infused water available when you're sightseeing. At the same time, you have a trendy souvenir from Zurich.


The Smartbottle is made of sustainable Eastman Tritan plastic. It's 100% BPA-Free, leak proof, robust and easy to clean.