Your health

Why water?

The average adult body consists of 65% water, the brain even up to 80%.

In order to maintain all bodily functions, our body always needs enough fluids. Water is the ideal supplier: Healthy, pure and natural.


How much should I drink?

The rule of thumb is: Per kilogram body weight you need 40ml per day. For example if you weigh 60 kg, your fluid demand per day is 2,4 liters.

These numbers increase when you exercise, sweat, with illness or when you take dehydrating medication.

Ensure through out your day that your fluid supply is calorie-free, so that is doesn't affect your weight.

The caries risk is also increased with soft drinks.


Why Infused Water?

Minimal effort and a wonderful taste - the perfect solution to go.

No calories, no chemical mix and even the smallest addition of fruits creates a totally new experience.